REVIEW: Catwoman #47

Written by FRANK TIERI
Art and cover by INAKI MIRANDA

And here we go again.

If there is a book that has had more creative changes and mini restarts in the last few years than Catwoman, I don’t know what it is.

Following the much maligned Ann Nocenti run, Selina was given a new direction as a crime lord.  Now, with yet another a new creative team in place, its back to business as normal.  And herein lies a bit of a problem.  This issue, Selina steals some jewels and then her new fence, that she had known for all her life, but is only introduced now, set up a new job for her.

The back to basics approach is written by Frank Tieri.  I have to be honest, whilst not a major reader of the crime lord run, I had to admire the idea of building on the character, moving her past the feline fatale she had been against the Dark Knight or a sexualized woman in leather.  Unfortunately, it was always going to be short-term thing meaning that sooner or later we’d be back where we started.  Tieri has a pretty unsung role; the script does sound like the Selina that we’d expect, it’s a shame that for a start of a new run the setup is so regurgitated.

Inaki Miranda is the artist, producing clean lines against some pretty impressive backdrops.  The style of the figure work is similar to Paul Gulacy even if some of the action panels lack Gulacy’s easy flow.  Facially, Selina looks a tad disengaged in places which gives the impression that a reference had been used somewhere down the line with Miranda being unable to provide seamless transitions.

Seeing Catwoman back in her element is a tad bittersweet, which if it had been handled with a tad more originality could have been a much better book.  As it is, Tieri will have to go some not to fall into the repetition of previous issues and stories.

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