REVIEW: Catwoman #48

STORY BY Frank Tieri
ART BY Inaki Miranda
COLORS BY Eva De La Cruz
LETTERS BY Travis Lanham

Set up for a murder that she didn’t commit and on the run from the cop that actually did, Selina turns to an old friend or old fore, depending on which way the wind blows.  Looking at her predicament, Selina makes the necessary leaps of logic, that only seems to put in her greater danger.

Frank Tieri continues with his mini reinvention of Catwoman with his back to basics approach.  Given that Catwoman has gone through so much, this isn’t the first time she has been framed.  Along the way, there is the turn to a friend element.  So far, the story has featured betrayal on all sides. Tieri’s dialogue is as impressive as last issue, this time throwing in a bit of “fanboy” fun into proceedings.

Inaki Miranda also returns with clean lines and some pretty good action scenes, although there are a couple of panels that are a tad jarring; the falling from the window and jumping rooftops in particular.  In addition the “fanboy” reference that is Tieri works into the dialogue is slightly let down by some inconsistent facial art. Colorist Eve De La Cruz does a solid job, ensuring that each element of the story has its own scheme, red for action and dark blues and black for the night-time liaisons.

This book continues to remains middle of the road, despite a stronger effort by Tieri who may be visiting old stomping grounds in order to move Selina forward.  This approach may suit newer readers, leaving long-term fans waiting for the endgame to give this run some validity.

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