REVIEW: Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #2

I love shit like this. Next wave, Umbrella Academy, Morrison’s Doom Patrol…bugger meant to look for Dial H for Hero trades when I was in town, never mind…so this was my first foray into DC’s new, hip, destined to flop like the last cock at the orgy imprint Young Animal.

At first I was disappointed, took me five attempts to get past whatever was on the TV at the time because it’s a bit clumsy in the dialogue depart and there’s a metric shit ton at the start that feels like you’re trying to empty a bath with a pile of house bricks and Archimedes principal.

But it lightens up as it goes on, the plot straightens out and the excess script is polished off and it all gets a bit slicker and wittier. There’s the inclusion of an old DC character no one has ever thought to bring back and his role here as a support character is the perfect use for him.

Oeming’s art is as ever brilliant, lots of dynamic perspective, over the top action and an interesting use of the colour pink. Not as much nudity as I’m used to from his Powers work, but we can’t have it all.

On the whole this is a good comic and I love the fact that it’s set in the DCU and the word “shit” was used repeatedly in the same comic Superman was mentioned.

Written by Gerard Way & Jonathan Rivera, art by Michael Avon Oeming, published by DC Comics / Young Animal

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