I give up.

I’m just going to get a thesaurus and find as many words for jerky unreadable nonsense as I can.

I’ve said before that I’ve read and loved the Invisibles, I gleen something new and fantastic from Morrison’s opus each time I read it. I’ve experienced plenty of wacky, surreal, mind bending comics books and films and I even loved the Umbrella Academy. But this…

Scenes shift, dialogue comes out of nowhere, panel last outs leave you baffled and I really could not give a square turd about any of the characters as they pretty much all read the same with slightly different levels of sardonic wit. It’s like reading an episode of Buffy but wacked out your gourd on drugs.

I had high hopes for this line, I really did, but the only reason I’m reviewing it is to make up my quota. 0.2/5

Written By: Jon Rivera
Story By: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera
Cover and Interior Art by: Michel Avon Oeming
Cover and Interior Colors by: Nick Filardi
Back-up Art by: Tom Scioli
Letters: Clem Robins 


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