REVIEW: Champions #8


The Champions are a next generation of Super Hero. They are young and ready to save the world. But can they save their own identity.

Our new hero’s are: Ms Marvel aka Kamala Khan, Nova aka Sam Alexander, Spider-Man aka Miles Morales, Hulk aka Amadeus Cho, Viv Vision aka Visions Daughter and Cyclops aka Scott Summers (From an alternate time line). They are the next generation, they are trying to find their way but most importantly that are teenagers.

Our hero’s have worked hard to gain the love and trust of the people but their enemies the evil corporate Freelancers have put a stop to that. They have trademarked the Champions logo and slapping it on everything from t-shirts to key chains and charging top dollar for it. This has made the people unsure of our new hero’s. Are they just doing all this good for the money? Are they really the good guys? What does it all mean.

At the start of this issue we find our new hero’s trying to restrain Ms Marvel. They don’t understand where her anger is coming from and why she is taking it out on them. Spiderman and Nova are doing what they can to stop her but it takes falling through a roof of an abandon building for her to chill. They guys try comforting Ms Marvel but she is heartbroken and finally tells them that it’s not them or the freelancers she is angry at, it herself. She was fooled before (see Ms Marvel 2016 #1-3) and she feels she should have done something to protect her friends. Nova flies off, he’s not really into the boo-hoo stuff while Spiderman and Ms Marvel are left to talk things out.

Next we then find ourselves in Austin TX in the hulks compound. Cyclops and Viv Vision or running a simulation but its cut short by Cyclops as he feels he has let the team down just like Ms. Marvel. He and Viv begin to talk things though when Amadeus bursts in and plops himself down between them telling Cyclops to leave as he and Viv had stuff to talk about. (mainly a kiss that happened) This also doesn’t last long as Vision himself makes an appearance irritated that his daughter hasn’t been home in day. (See even Vision had daddy mode down). Amadeus leaves to let the daddy daughter conversation happen. He finds cyclops outside, they make amends and head to the woods to do some “training” aka blow stuff up.

24 hours later Nova calls all the team to a roof top to witness the people burning the merchandise. At first the team thing it’s a bad thing but the Nova shows them a Video he posted on social media and it explains everything. Who knew Nova would be the one to save them all.

This is a fantastic comic that will appeal to readers both young and old. It is written with the teen reader in mind and the illustrations pop.

This would be a great series to introduce new young comic fans to the marvel universe

Rate 4.5 out of 5

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciler: Humberto Ramos

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