REVIEW: Chaos Campus – Sorority Girls vs Zombies #’s 1 – 8

Publisher: Approbation Comics
Written by B. Alex Thompson
Art/Pencils/Inks by Christian Duce
Colored by Martin Coccolo
Written/Lettered/Edited/Published by B. Alex Thompson
Wearing its cheesecake style firmly on its short skirt, this run of eight issues from Approbation Comics aims for parody of the ever popular zombie trend before moving into other recognisable horror tropes.

The story features three heroines, Jamie, Paige and Brittany along with the problems with boys, zombies and each other.  Set as two part stories allows writer B. Alex Thompson to set the scene without the need to rush through the story.  That said, as a parody, there is enough cliché to go around.

The art is supplied by a variety of artists, whose main task is to show the girls in tighter tops or shorter skirts or with larger boobs than the previous artist.  I guess this style is to help the cheesecake element.  The colors, again by a variety of colorists tend to be on the bright side going for vibrancy in lieu of subtlety.

And that is pretty much how I feel about this run.  I understand it’s a parody, but somewhere along the way, I didn’t see the funny.  The art itself could be used as much as a parody as the script with the typical sexual look of the heroines; Brittany perhaps being the worst offender in both attire and fan-boy please sexual attitude.  This isn’t my type of book as I prefer real characters with real personalities, not facsimiles that seem to meet the lowest expectation.

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