REVIEW: Charmed Season 10 #12

The Halliwell sisters—Piper, Phoebe, and Paige—are the Charmed Ones. Together, they alone have access to the greatest source of pure magic the world has ever known… the Power of Three. The Power of Three was threatened when their dead sister, Prue, was resurrected in the body of a coma patient. For a time, the sisters’ magic was thrown off balance… but now, having relinquished the Power of Three, Prue has been imbued with the magic of the Nexus of the All, a mystical convergence with untold potential. Though the Power of Three is once again in harmony, Prue must never leave the location of the Nexus, or the sanctity of magic as a whole will be compromised. This is the story of the four Halliwell sisters…

Last time I got my hands on an issue of Charmed, I totally geeked. I’ll try to do better in containing my inner fangirl this time. Ahem…deep breath….here we go.

OH-MAH-GAWD!!! So many throwback things happening. As if bringing back Prue wasn’t enough, Zenescope even brings back her killer Shax. But Kyra – the demon seer who wanted to be human, is back with her shiny new humanity. Too bad humanity sucks in comparison to being a former demon. What Kyra brings to the Charmed One’s table I can only imagine will set in motion a new story arc. I foresee Pat Shand focusing less on demons, and more on the disrupted Power Of Three.

The art is still (in my opinion) not as great as I believe it can be, however I do give kudos that it is consistent. However, I do appreciate the creativity in the paneling styles when showing the difference between the real and spiritual realms. My favorite being page five, a full single page showing some great art and writing- playing on a pun featuring the witch Patience (inhabited by Prue…which if you know Charmed, another “P” name was a great tie in story continuity).

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