REVIEW: Chum (Ashcan)

Writer Ryan K Lindsay
Artist Sami Kivela
Publisher: Comixtribe
Release in April 2016

Who doesn’t have time for a book featuring a surf town populated by a femme fatale, a stoner drug king and various other colourful characters.  This preview from Comixtribe showcases the new series created by Sami Kivela and Ryan K. Lindsay, featuring the first issue, set up pages and works in progress, giving the series a sense of scale, albeit possibly spoiling a couple of surprises.

Kingsford Island is in the middle of the annual Bombora surf tournament.  From here we meet Summer, running the local bar, Penny the aforementioned king of the island and Standard the cop who seems to orbit both Summer and Penny.  Writer Ryan K. Lindsay imbues his cast with sea like metaphors which suits the title and the environment in which they all exist.  All the characters, with the exception of Penny seem fragile in their own way, whether that’s through their previous actions and choices or the inability or fear to change their lives.  The dialogue is hard boiled but not to the extent of caricature. chum

Art is supplied by co-creator Sami Kivela, whose work has graced Zenescope books previously.  Having not seen his previous work, I had an open mind, which was rewarded with a nice easy style, that is full of detailed backgrounds, and strong layouts, which fits the book extremely well.  Kivela’s efforts are showcased in the preview with a number of pages showing how the panels are constructed, along with character designs.  Mark Dale is the colorist on the book, adding an earthy feel to the island environment helping to create the darkness that is felt through the dialogue and the character’s reactions.

Fans of Lindsay’s Negative Space, may be a little surprised by this book.  That is in fact a good thing as it proves how great a writer Lindsay is.  Coupled with Kivela, the pair have created a place you may not want to vacation, but will still want to spend some time there.  Just be mindful of the waves and the undertow.

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