REVIEW: Cinderella Age of Darkness #3

Written by Pat Shand
Art by Ryan Best
Published by Zenescope Entertainment
Release date: January 14, 2015

Cinderella as a sword wielding, demon hunting assassin. Did that get your attention? Here’s the synopsis for this third and final issue of Cinderella: Age of Darkness:

Cindy is going to the ball… and she’s got a plan to take down Hades, once and for all. When the baddest girl in the Grimm Universe throws down with the god of hell in the middle of the apocalypse, there will be blood…asked with killing Hades, the only living god, Cindy sets out on a mission that will either bring her to the top of the Dark Horde… or condemn her to death. Little does she know that Hades, ever the trickster, has his own agenda against the Horde.
This sure isn’t the Cinderella you remember as a kid!

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is the amount of humor with writer Pat Shand has injected into the series. There are some very serious themes and gruesome acts happening in this world, but all that is balanced out by Cinderella’s bubbly attitude. At times, it may come off as more silly than comedic, but her character is very likable in an odd way. She’s not the brightest character in the series, but she somehow always manages to accomplish her goals due to sheer persistence.

The story itself shouldn’t be taken too seriously either, so when picking this book up, be sure to keep that in mind. The tone here is very different and much more lighthearted than most of the rest of Zenescope lineup but somehow Shand makes it work. As a fan of Zenescope’s other books, particularly Tales of Terror, I look forward to seeing more of Cinderella’s adventures with the way this issue ended.

While not my favorite book coming out of Zenescope, and even though this story has very little to do with the events of Realms War, Cinderella: Age of Darkness #3 is sheer fun and worth a look.

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