REVIEW: Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #1

There were two people working on this story. Two. It took two people to hammer out a simple revenge plot with dialogue so wooden it could hide in a warehouse full of furniture. It could do with a bloody good polish, Cindy the titular serial killer could do with a few more clothes on to, I’m not prudish it’s just hard to take a character seriously when they’re dressed like a Disney themed strippergram.

The art has the same problem, technically proficient, anatomy is pretty good as well. All the bits and pieces are well proportioned, it’s just they’re not very well covered up. Backgrounds could do with a bit more attention in the first few pages to. The storytelling flows pretty well but the action needs a tweak though, it suffers from soliloquy punching and it’s a bit too fond of showing us Cindy and not her antics.

There’s some inventive stuff in this somewhere it just needs an editor to push all the chairs under the table and make the beds to make it all tidy. 2.9/5

Story by Joe Brusha & Dave Franchini, written by Dave Franchini, art by Salvatore Cuffari, published by Zenescope

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