Review: Cinderella – Serial Killer Princess #4 (of 4)

The final issue of this “gluttony of murder” book hits shelves this week, with Robyn and Cindy finally face to face.  Will Robyn win out? Will Cindy have her revenge? Does anyone care at this point?

This issue follows the style of previous issues in as much as, for the most part, it is just a giant fight scene across the realms, with Cindy and her spoilt brat / pithy comments in tow.  If you have read the first 3 issues, you know what to expect.

Dave Franchini writing has remained consistent throughout this run.  The bloody slaying of all those involved has been creative and Cindy has at times been fun to read.  This issue is no different – “Dress for the job you want”, Cindy states in defence of her outfit with  the rejoinder being “Prostitute?” shows the height of self-awareness.  Despite the countless fight scenes, there is a point to all this and the reveal at the end will either pique your interest or cause you to shake your head, depending on how invested you are in the Zenescope realms.

The art is brought to you by a round table of artists featuring Fritz Casas (1-10), Eduardo Garcia (11), Marc Rosete (14-18) and Salvatore Cuffari (12,13, 19-22).  I have written  enough reviews by know for you all to know where I stand on multiple writers/artists.  The best of the bunch for me is Casas who seem to excel at faces, with some clean lines with figure work and a good mix of panel styles to emphasise elements of the fight.  Rosete’s work also show some strong lines in the figures, but the faces aren’t as consistent as Casas.  That is the problem of multiple artists; whilst the house style may call for artists to be able to draw a nubile young girl in a short skit and stockings consistently, the face of the character goes through some changes, which in turn hurts the overall look of the book.  Looking at page 1 and the last page, you can see that the fun element of Cindy’s face has changed into a harder version.  It is like they are two different characters.  Franchini may say this is part of the effects of her journey through the story.  If that’s the case, let one artist show that impact which would let the artist show the flexibility of their work.  The colors by Leonardo Paciarotti work well as would expect.  Also as you would expect, there are a variant covers, the best for me being cover A by Richard Ortiz.

If you have followed this series, even buying just one cover per issue, it would cost you $16.96 for an ending that as mentioned may well leave you feeling like you wasted your time and money.  This story would have been better served as a one shot which would have cut down the repetition of certain elements and still allow the story, such as it is, to unfold.

Writing – 2.5 Stars
Art (Casas) – 4 Stars
Art (Everyone Else) – 3 Stars
Colors  – 4 Stars

Story By Joe Brusha and Dave Franchini
Writer: Dave Franchini
Art: Fritz Casas, Eduardo Garcia, Marc Rosete and Salvatore Cuffari
Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters: Taylor Esposito


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