REVIEW: Civil War II- Ulysses Infinite Comic #6

Much has been made about Ulysses Cain over the course of the summer. He is after all the lynch pin to the entire Marvel summer-event Civil War II. This is the new Inhuman, who can see the future and stop disaster before it begins. If you want to know more about what this all means for the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe just pick up a comic. Civil War is everywhere.

This digital tie-in focuses on the training that Ulysses is undergoing via the Inhuman Karnak. Karnak’s gift is to see the flaw in anything. It doesn’t sound like much until you see him disable a commuter train with a single punch.

This issue deals with Ulysses learning to fine tune his gift. After being locked away at the hands of Karnak, a natural disaster (the crash of a commuter train, which seems eerily real after the recent crash in New Jersey of a commuter train that injured over a hundred and left one dead) takes place that Ulysses is unable to stop. Fortunately Karnak stops the train before the accident occurs, but Ulysses doesn’t know this. He feels that the older Inhuman left those future victims to die and decides that he needs to fight.

By the end of the issue Karnak explains how important it is for young man to fine tune his gift. The two share a good teacher/student bonding moment before the close of book. Readers don’t gain any further insight into the motivations of Ulysses, nor do we come to understand the harsh tactics used by Karnak. It seems like the comic is just spinning its wheels.

Final Thoughts: While the action is sparse in this offering, it is not lacking on talking heads babbling at one another. Unless you really want to delve into Marvel’s new character of Ulysses then you’re not missing much in passing this book by.

Final Grade: 2 stars

Civil War II- Ulysses Infinite Comic #6
Story: Al Ewing
Art: Karl Kesel and Jefte Palo
Colors: Nick Filardi
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics

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