REVIEW: Clandestino #1

By Amancay Nahuelpan, published by Black Mask Studios

Good cover, seventies cop show meets spaghetti western, it’ll stand out from the leather and spandex crowd that’s for sure.

The opening pages are just showing off how cool Clandestino is with an action scene, choreographed in a way I’ve never seen before, the rest of the issue gives us his background and lays out the South American styled war it’s all set in.

The art is lively, detailed and has a European twang. It uses what I’ve come to think of as Californian colouring, you know, sunset shades and twilight hues. Good character design and the story telling is bloody well done.

You know that feeling you get when you run just a bit faster than you thought you were able to? For a fanboy that’s just above an ambling motion, but let’s say you don’t over balance and face plant a paving slab and that heady rush is maintained all the way to the shop, that’s the kind of pace the writing moves at. It’s never pretentious, and while you can sense a Tarantino influence it’s not a homage, parody or fanfic but a genuinely inspired bit of spaghetti noir.

Buy this, it’s actually a good comic and the blurb at the back mentions this has been fermenting for seven years. I think more comics should be brewed till they’re matured to a full flavour.

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