REVIEW: Clandestino #6

The final issue of this spaghetti western guerrilla warfare mash-up hits the stores this week.  For fans of the book, its a series that has gotten better with each issue, even as it lives within the auspices of it’s own influences.

It’s confrontation time as the rebels take on The General in his own city, with Clandestino as their focal point and it is a role in which he doesn’t disappoint.  As the battle escalates, it becomes a tale of two battles, with the girls taking on the General and their back from the dead inspiration taking on the muscles of the operation, which gives him a chance to bury his past if his past doesn’t bury him first, that is.

Creator, writer, artist  and letterer Amancay  Nahuelpan wraps up his always violent, and at times surprising, tale in a way that is satisfying for all involved.  Looking at the writing first of all; this issue is a terse affair with no quarter asked for and none given.  Characterization is at a premium.  After all, everything has been building to these moments and Nahuelpan resists to get wordy about proceedings.  Instead, we get to see a personal war being fought alongside the fight for the greater good.

Nahuelpan’s art is once again on point.  Previously, I have mentioned the Perez like frame work or look to certain characters.  Here the two mix well with Nahuelpan’s own down and dirty style.  If you have been reading this book, you pretty much know what to expect.  In this respect, Nahuelpan doesn’t disappoint.  In addition, the color schemes of the various environments come into play, giving this world a lived in feel.

It is a wise man that knows when to call time on a series.  Too often, characters can overstay their welcome.  By doing so, their existence becomes a parody of all the good stuff that went before.  Nahuelpan neatly avoids this by bringing the curtain down in a way that some may expect, but still leaves the door open for further stories of this war torn world.  With such skill on show, both in the writing and art department, I am sure that we will see Amancay Nahuelpan’s work again very soon.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

(W) Amancay Nahuelpan (A/CA) Amancay Nahuelpan

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