REVIEW: Clean Room #15

No recap. Never mind moving on…

Woman loses boyfriend in a bungee accident, joins a cult and has an epiphany, all the bits stringing those parts together are strong and interesting enough to almost forgive the general background confusion of reading a random issue of a series.

The story took me back to the good old days when hanging around in Manchester looking lost was a beacon for cultists, so the urge to scream at the lead protagonist was pretty strong, but that is a testament to the writers  good story structure. It’s an emotionally heavy story that’s kept tight and doesn’t plod.

The art feels a little bit basic in places but it’s never technically incompetent and when it steps out of the realism the pages stand out in what is clearly the artists comfort zone.

On the whole a good comic, I’m genuinely curious about the last fourteen issues, I’d be more curious with a bit more foundation to work on though.

(W) Gail Simone (A) Sanya Anwar (CA) Jenny Frison, published by Vertigo

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