You know I accuse DC of living in the nineties but Marvel resurrecting …ugh pun…this travesty is more than just adding pouches to Red Robin’s outfit it’s doing the running man to hair metal wearing parachute pants.

The story is OK, the pacing is too fast and if you don’t see the end coming and feel a twang of “oh fuck no” then get the nurse to switch you off. The dialogue also seems a little forced in places and while it feels natural it just seems to be there to get the plot points across rather than tell the story and entertain, with the exception of a bit with the Scarlett Spider.

The art is good though, the action injects some much-needed life into proceedings…there could be more puns about resurrection coming just to warn you…and there’s a lot of fun to be had seeing a lot of costumed villains on the page, except stilt man he’s just bloody stupid. It all holds together well but for  the facial expressions which all look like they’re trying to stay awake through the first couple of hours of Batman v Superman.

It all feels rushed, pointless and the result of an editorial mandate that’s been polishing the sales figures of the original Clone Saga with a nostalgia rag.

(W) Dan Slott (A) Jim Cheung (CA) Gabriele Dell’Otto

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