REVIEW: Code 991


Comic: Code 991 (Webcomic)

Writer: David Heath

Artist: Anita Zaramella

Publisher: Bi-Lateral Comics


Premise: Jeff Miller is an established PD in Burkon City, answering a peculiar call known as a 9-9-1; meaning “something weird is happening all hands on deck!” Jeff arrives on the scene and finds an outer space alien is holding a woman hostage, and attempts unconventional means for resolving the situation.


At first glance, this comic presents itself as a dark, mysterious art style and story plot, which I think is what the writer David Heath and artist Anita Zaramella went for. Stark colors, hard lines and shades with cross-hatching compliment the overall feel of the “loner detective in a cruel city” theme.


Although it’s not the comic that I would actively pick up and read, it did have its qwerks.  One thing that I can appreciate is the writer’s ability to call out the real world on its inability to solve hard problems. The main character in “Code 991” doesn’t have super powers, gadgets, a lot of money, nor a squad of people to support him. Jeff Miller is armed with the rarest superpower of all, common sense! I truly believe this was the writer’s message to the world. If people would just shut up, listen to one another and establish some common ground, so many real world problems would get resolved. Hopefully the writer’s message is well received.

Outside of that, I would have liked to see more of a fleshed out script and cleaner art. Some panels were hard to decipher what has happening and there were lettering sequences that were hard to read. I would be more prone to pick this comic if it looked a tad cleaner, without losing the overall tone and mood.

Overall, the best thing about Code 991 is its under-toned message to the reader, while luring me in with its mysterious art style.

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Tyrone Selby

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