REVIEW: Codename: Baboushka #3

Written by Antony Johnston, Art by Shari Chankhamma, Published by Image Comics

I’m going to get moaned at for this one. Well, here goes.

There’s a super secret agent type called Baboushka on a ship that’s been taken over by pirates and everyone is after some unspecified “data”.

The best I can say is it’s not offensive. The characters are one-dimensional, the script is a collection of clichés huddled together for warmth around the stuttering flame of a birthday candle that is the plot.

There’s Baboushka’s handler on the radio who seems to have a couple of character traits, and one of them is a mustache.

The art fairs A LOT better but Shari Chankhamma comes across as very uncomfortable with the subject matter.

The guns all came from one reference picture of an AK-47 and they get a bit Liefeldian at times, but the nested doll bombs are a cool bit of design. The perspective and backgrounds are flat but the characters are distinctive, the fight sequences are hard to follow but the facial expressions as they get punched are spot on. So like my fourth ex, it’s a mixed up bag.

It’s an unin-spy-erd spy thing.

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