REVIEW: Comichaus #1

It’s time for another horror anthology, this time it’s the new British monthly Comichaus consisting of several stories of the dark and sinister. This issue we get the first parts of some rather creepily good tales and a one freaky one shot along with an amazing pin up page of one of the stars of one of the tales.

Some minor spoiler ahead in my quick synopsis of the stories.

First up we meet Karyn Shade in ‘Beyond Forth’
written by James McCullock with art and letters by Jessica Byrne.
This one has great art with gorgeous shading that tells the tale of a young woman with a flat tire in the woods…. Yeah that’s not the staple of a horror movie at all, which Karyn herself notes as she heads to a creepy house for help.

Next we get ‘Feather’
Written by Dave Cook
Art by Morrie Miller
The art in this one is not to my liking but the story itself it’s very interesting.
As a small town hears of a new out brake of bird flu that causes people to bleed from their backs in a rather angelic way.

‘Suited and Booted’
Written by Jon Laight
Art by Fan Butcher
Some great art again here with similar shading to the first story and another interesting first chapter.
In the year 2258 after Mars has been colonised and mankind relies solely on technology an alien race arrives and turns it all off before attacking both earth and Mars, for 25 years the remaining humans are forced to work as slaves for their alien overlords with no clue as to what the aliens want with the minerals earn suddenly the aliens leave and the humans are left without technology or hope.

Written by Aaron Walters
Art by Edwin Bickford
This one is my least favourite with the art being less then easy on the eye and the story being very blah this one is a miss for me.

By Luke Cooper
The art for this one is a little odd, I don’t hate it but at the same time I’m not a fan of the overall style but the story, short as this chapter is caught my attention.
After a fatal car crash a man stands face to face with a minion of the grim reaper sent to lead him to the afterlife, the man however refuses to go until he finds out the fate of his daughter who was with him in the car.

‘Mum & Dad’
Written by Tom Ward
Art by Ian Lauie
Letter by Colin Bell
Once again the art is not something I care for while the story is short it’s ending is very predictable.
This one is a one-shot about a young boy that learns a terrible secret about his Parents and ultimately himself.

All in all this book is very well put together with almost all worthy of their own books, I will definitely be back for issue 2 to follow all the stories Inside bar one.

I’m not taking away any stars for the one story I didn’t like because there are far more I did. 5 stars for some surprisingly good tales.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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