REVIEW: Connecticut Comic Con 2015

Convention: Connecticut Comic Con 2015
Location: Uncasville, CT at the Mohegan Sun


Connecticut Comic Con 2015 at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino

Pre-Show: Upon arrival we immediately parked our vehicle for FREE, yes FREE parking, and we made our way to the casino. We had to pass by the slots on our way to the convention room. All was easily laid out, no way to get lost, there were floor markings and signs helping you along the way. We ran into the line which was huge BUT very well-organized, being that we had media passes we asked the security staff where we pick them up at and they escorted us to that area (was my 1st time at Mohegan). Definitely felt like we had VIP status as those on the line looked on and wondered who are these people skipping us. We got our passes with no issues and were able to get in ahead of opening time to see all the vendors and guests setting up and getting ready for a great day.

Pre-Show: 5/5

The Venue/Staff: I cannot say enough nice things about the staff. Very friendly and helpful, wish all cons had such great customer service!

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Now as you see pictured above, the aisles were perfectly spaced, wide, roomy enough where you’re not tackling other enthusiasts as if you were in a football game! They had a great lay out, there was an artist alley for the bigger names of the industry, but overall they mixed up the aisles with creators, publishers, and vendors very nicely so no one place had too much traffic. In the area outside of the con they had a display of vehicles, known cosplayers, food and drink, lots of foot traffic there as you had to also be out there to get to the escalators to get into the panels.

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Guest List: Phenomenal guest list. Every person we spoke to was a total pleasure and very cool about pics and just chatting about the show their trip and current and upcoming projects.  There were many indie creators all readily available to talk about their respective projects, let me tell you that I saw lots of great stuff with HUGE potential, soon enough we’ll share that info on this website. When speaking with Todd Mort we got the scoop on the return of Charlton comics, now called Charlton Neo, they got the rights to some of their old western properties but none that DC currently hold, they will bring forth a whole new generation of heroes, keep a look out for this revival of a classic brand, also there is a documentary due out in the fall, go to to stay up to date! I also spoke with Joe Carmagna, being a huge Marvel animated fan I asked him if there was anything he could tell me about Guardians of the Galaxy animated show coming up, although he said he can’t tell me anything he assured me that in all but the first 5 minutes we’ll be hooked! I attended only one panel, the Roy Thomas/Tom Palmer panel on Avengers/Ultron. These guys are legends, very funny and chock full of knowledge. They also both spoke very highly of Stan Lee, stating, he was the “glue” that held Marvel together at that time. Tom mentioned how he once pitched Stan Lee a story and Stan had to act out the whole thing, Tom thought he was nuts and was dumbfounded by the whole thing leaving the office not sure of anything, luckily, Stan’s secretary, Flo, took notes and gave them to Tom.

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I also got my first commission piece at this show, I had the legendary Tom Mandrake do Bloodshot on a phantom variant.


(Thanks Tom)

Guest List:5/5

Exibitors/Vendors: The vendors were A+, there was a fantastic mix of everything. T-Shirt vendors, collectibles, comic book related paraphernalia. Plenty of comic book vendors with SWEET deals, there was no way  you would walk away empty-handed from this show!  A few of the comic book vendors even had .50 cent and $1 boxes, I found a few gems at well below standard cost. For those of you that like to go diving into comic boxes, this is a show for you!

Exibitors/Vendors: 5/5

Cosplay: The cosplay was great and classy. You can tell many of these cosplayers put tons of thought and work into their designs and it showed!

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Cosplay: 5/5

Final Verdict: The tagline of the show was absolutely true, “The Con That Keeps It About Comics”. I must commend Mitch Hallock, the Producer of the con and his team at Big Fedora Marketing on putting together an AMAZING SHOW!!! I recommend this show to EVERY comic book and comic pop culture fan! Come through with your families next time these guys put on a show, which will be renamed to the Terrificon and will be at the Mohegan Sun on Aug. 19-21 2016,  you’ll be very happy you did!

Luckily I made it out alive to write this piece, I say this because I was attacked by a Dalek as I was making my rounds!


Shout out to my beautiful wife and CC fashionista Arelis Perez for taking such great pics!


(This review is based on Saturday’s show)

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