REVIEW: Contest of Champions #4

Written by Al Ewing, Art by Paco Medina, published by Marvel

Bunch of Marvel characters are brought together in two teams by god types, the Collector and the Grand Master to punch it out.

I’m really glad Al Ewing is writing this because in the hands of the coffee boys they used to get to write this type of nonsense it would turn out like an early Image book. As it is, it’s still a really simple concept that sparkles with action and wit. All the characters stand out and Ewing makes their personalities clash as well as their fists.

The art seems to pay tribute to those nineties comics but with correct anatomy, smart action and backgrounds rather than gradients.

Didn’t think I would rate this but like all straightforward ideas, in the hands of a maestro it becomes a smart, fun read and one I’ll probably get in trade.

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