Washington DC detective Kate Burnham interrupted an assassination attempt and now the professional killer is back to finish his work.

This issue begins with detective Kate Burnham in a bad predicament.  The first few pages contain sparse text but the images set the book up perfectly.  I love cop procedural drama on TV and I feel the creative team have done a decent job capturing the feel they were going for.


The story has very familiar tropes which I expected and although the script moves quickly I feel the main character is given time to develop.  A story based in this niche is somewhat predicable but with three issues remaining I cannot definitively say the creative team will not throw a curve into the mix.

The art is clearly going for a noir style and I found it to be successful in capturing a solid DC feel.  I spend quite a lot of time in the city and Andrea Mutti took me there.  The colorist, Vladimir Popov had a major hand in creating the District’s gravitas with his colors.  The cover is a freaky masterpiece and honestly my favorite art of the issue. (Cheers Mr. Ben Oliver!!!!)

The political intrigue is made even more relevant to the reader if you follow, and how could you not, the current political climate in the U.S Presidential race.

I found the book to be solid although predictable and full of familiar TV and print tropes.  In the end, it is a relatable, maybe all too relatable, story with decent character building and some beautiful ink and colors.

Story:  3.25
Art: 4

STORY: Andy Diggle and Angela Cruickshank
ART:  Andrea Mutti
COLORS:  Vladimir Popov
LETTERER:  Simon Bowland
COVER:  Ben Oliver

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