REVIEW: Convergence #0

STORY BY: Dan Jurgens, Jeff King
ART BY: Ethan Van Sciver
COLORS BY: Marcelo Maiolo
LETTERS BY: Travis Lanham
COVER BY: Ethan Van Sciver, Marcelo Maiolo

At last it’s here! The next big DC universe reboot and remembrance.

Well, it’s almost here. Hidden among this week’s lame duck books and interrupting current storylines in a number of other books (the end of Endgame please?), there is this prelude issue.

Continuity wise, this book explains what happened to Superman after the Doomed storyline from late last year. Turns out that he was captured by Brainiac who seems to be having the mutli-verse equivalent of a schizophrenic episode, all which Superman will conveniently forget “until it is time for you to remember”.

As a setup book, it does it’s thankless job well. The domes, mentioned throughout the previews and solicits, are explained and there are a few references to “my Master”. Is that Brainiac Prime or something worse?

Dan Jurgens is old school DC and that shows throughout the book. It does have that feeling that many have said the not so nu 52 has been missing. Jeff King is also along for the ride with this being his first DC work. Ethan van Sciver is on art duty and, as l have said before about other current DC books, there is a somewhat uniform approach for the most part.  Seeing the alternative Brainiac’s did bring a smile to my face.

A couple of my Crusading colleagues have, correctly, stated the cost implications of following the entire Convergence story. I can’t say “buy ’em all”, mainly because I wouldn’t be practicing what I preach. I have taken the decision to follow the main book and then picking and choosing based on a combination of characters, I love the Steph Brown Batgirl and the the Montoya Question, and creator, not so keen on Larry Hama so no Shadow of the Bat for me.

With the whole Convergence event, and the fact it’s interrupting some ongoing storylines, my concern is that in two months we will have either change for change sake OR the more things change the more they will stay the same. That’s a worry for another day, which much like Superman’s memory in this book, will return when “it is time to remember”. For now, strap in and enjoy the ride.

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