REVIEW: Convergence: Harley Quinn #1

STORY BY: Steve Pugh
ART BY: Phil Winslade, John Dell
COLORS BY: Chris Chuckry
COVER BY: Steve Pugh
RELEASE DATE: Apr 8th, 2015

What on earth is happening in this book?

Convergence has crashed into the crazy world of Ms Quinn and in doing so left her exactly where she was.

Ok, bar a couple of moments there is no Mr J, but once the dome goes up she is happily entwined with a new beau. Now call me naive, but surely having a significant other is not the only thing that can or should define a character.

The regular book, whilst not my cup of tea, has been a huge hit. It seems (nearly) everyone loves Harley. If that’s the case I would hate to be a fan and pick this book up. The story of the dome will be replayed in every Convergence book this month. Also, there is no real development here. Yes Harley is “cured”  but after the intervention of her “friends” we are set up for more Mr Hammer time.

It’s probably not this books fault. It’s me. I am obviously looking for more from the Convergence books than they are delivering. As it stands, the book screams filler, mainly due to the pedestrian art (has Catwoman ever looked worse?) and with the equally by the numbers story.

Harley has had some great moments, mainly from the Batman The Animated Series, it sad to see that all the hard work by Palmiotti and Conner is practically ignored in order to facilitate the DC move. I just hope that their, and Harley’s fans can sit patiently for post Convergence and the up and coming Power Girl & Harley mini series.

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