REVIEW: Convergence: Justice League of America #1

STORY BY: Fabian Nicieza
ART BY: ChrisCross
Publisher: DC Comics

Man, I sometimes make horrendous choices. I am sure I am not the only one, right? We all have “that” shirt which in the lights of the shop looks great but back home? Or maybe you actually chose to watch the new Knight Rider show (it so bad it’s good), and those comic books that never get pulled from your comic book box. Not on a rainy day. Not even when you have read everything else a million times.

In this grey area of “that sounds like a good idea” and why did I buy this” lies the Detroit era of Justice League. To make matters worse, I asked to review this.

By now you know the score:-

Dome in place – Check

Superheroes powerless – Check

Challenge issued – Check

Nothing else happens -Check

So to recap, we have the probably  least popular JLA team in an “event” that in some corners has more than tarnished DC’s image. Fabian Nicieza is on hand with the words and a somewhat thankless job it is. Nicieza is a capable write and I am a little disappointed he doesn’t do more DC work after his stint on Red Robin. Unfortunately, as with other Convergence books, the lack of any sort of development for characters means that it is all “by the numbers”. The saving grace are the Sue and Ralph moments which show the DC universe can be fun.

Art is by Chriscross and by no way makes me Jump Jump. It’s not that it’s bad, it just shares the same “by the numbers” feel as the writing. It does have a cartoony feel that does hold a certain charm, but tends to fall into similarities around facial structure.

For fans of this era of JLA, you may enjoy the book. For me, things like the cities used are mainly Gorham and Metropolis, it was Detroit JLA for a reason, are giving me temporal headaches or at the very chronological apathy.

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