REVIEW: Convergence: The New Teen Titans #1

STORY BY: Marv Wolfman
ART BY: Nicola Scott, Marc Deering
Publisher: DC Comics

This should be a no brainer. You have one of the most popular superhero teams in DC history, written by co-creator Marv Wolfman with art by Titans Alumni Nicola Scott. So what’s happened?

For those that don’t know, various cities in the DC timeline have been supplanted onto a foreign planet for a year (comic time, though it does feel like this event has been going on for an actual year) before the dome, which make the heroes powerless, comes down and its fight to survive time.

And that’s it. No major plot points, no arc, no development. Wait…. that last bit isn’t strictly true. Kori has turned her warrior ancestry and Donna has become the mother figure whilst also moping about her lost love. If these elements are meant to add to the characters, then Wolfman’s reach is definitely longer than his grasp.

As stated, Nicola Scott is on art duties. Now, I loved her run on Teen Titans and her work on Earth 2 was fabulous. Here, I am not so sure. Yes the book opens with a great Donna page, but from there it gets a little choppy. I am not sure if it a lack of familiarity with the characters or if she is trying to channel George Perez but whatever the reason the art doesn’t flow as her previous work has done.

Every week I feel a little more disappointed with this “event”. I have a pull list at my local comic book shop, so have been avoiding reviewing the books I have yet to pick up. Of those I have reviewed, the best of the bunch was Batgirl. This book, from the solicits, appeared to be one of the few bright sparks in the whole Convergence series. However, I am left feeling like a clean-up hitter whose home run attempt is caught on the warning track. So much promise, for so little reward.

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