REVIEW: Convergence: Wonder Woman #1

STORY BY: Larry Hama
ART BY: Joshua Middleton
Publisher: DC Comics

It had to happen. The law of averages would ensure it would happen. Here we have a good Convergence book.

Larry Hama is not a favourite writer of mine. But this tale, which may seem shoe horned into Convergence, has a nice analogy throughout. Powerless, Diana has settled into a life with Steve Trevor. It seems that for one of the most powerful of heroes, the loss of her power should affect her more. Hama, however shows a Diana that is more than comfortable with her life, I would go as far as saying it is the happiest I have ever seen her. Hama has rightly keyed in to the fact it is her actions and care for others that makes this woman a wonder and without her powers she is still looking to help people. The analogy aspect comes from the cult and how they worship their God’s.  This doesn’t seem that much of a stretch of how Diana and her Amazon’s are sometime portrayed.

The art, is the real treat. For so long, I have mentioned that some books have a “DC style”. This book flies in the face of that trend. Joshua Middleton’s style is an absolute treat. Look at the details, in the bedroom, the blinds and their impact on the background. Simple things like Diana brushing her teeth ground the character in a more natural way than all the de-powering could do. The inclusion of the Red Rain villains adds to the gothic element of the church and again, the art saves the apparent non sequitur. Colours are provided by Middleton and add to the whole book. It is great to see an artist given the freedom to create the whole world, rather than hand off to a colourist or inker who whilst can add to the pencils and panels, can also be a detriment.

Overall, this is one the better Convergence books. Current WW fans may disagree but this book shows how strong Diana is, her true power coming from her heart showing that even powerless, Princess Diana is still a Wonder Woman.

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