Review: Cosmos # 4

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Cosmos # 4 by Tony Kitttrell with art by Myke Guisinga, Gary Mitchell and Bryan Magnaye, letters by Shawn Depasquale.

Proudly published by Advent Comics.

Like regular event series released by the big 2 publishers (and sometimes Valiant), before you can say “not another one!” Please give this one a look as this event involves ONLY indie characters!  This third-part begins with mega earth invasion, and it is up to the super-heroes of the Advent Universe to save the day!

Being a massive fan of Cosmic Comics whether it were Kirby Classic or Reach for the Starlin, it is evident in the cover layouts and the internal art it resembles the classic appeal of space-themed comics which I am enjoying in this book. If you don’t fancy cosmic tales, don’t worry there are also awesome ground-based heroes who get stuck into an army of robots and ape-like villains.

Kittrell has a tough task of giving dialogue to a large ensemble of heroes and villains, there is page by page of new characters introduced and it looks flawless. It is refreshing as I am unfamiliar with a majority of the characters which means you’re in for surprises and enjoy the ride! One key mention that truly admired was the acknowledgements of the creators when their characters were introduced. The art team of Guisinga, Mitchell and Magnaye make a real solid team, they complement each other in ensuring they do justice when illustrating someone else’s creation and it shows.

If you stick around for the last few pages it will worth double its retail price (in my opinion anyway!)

This is for indie comic fans as it has a whole lotta soul, if you wanna read a series that gives creator owned characters a spotlight, do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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