REVIEW: Cougar and Cub #2

They do say if you have nothing good to say, say nothing. Well tough I’m a comic critique.

The art is good. It flows through the pages with some genius layouts, quirky design and strong panel composition. It’s a strong cartoon style with solid line work and distinctive, solid colouring.

The story itself is strong, the plot moves well but the dialogue is awful. I’ve no idea who this comic is aimed at, take out the superfluous swearing and it could be for a younger audience but I don’t know what they would get out of it either. If it’s a humour comic, which most evidence points to, it isn’t funny. It…just isn’t. The gags fall flat because of the stilted script and there’s an over use of exposition boxes, which I’m sure is supposed to be funny but cripples the pacing.

It might just be me, but the whole thing left me colder than a navi’s bum crack.

Written by Rosie Knight, Nick Marino
Art by Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover by Daniel Arruda Massa
Published by Action Labs

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