REVIEW: Covenant #3

Written by…Rob Liefeld, Art by Matt Horak, Published by Image

Breath…just breath.

It’s… LIEFEEEELD! Someone who makes my wife’s eyes roll whenever his name is mentioned because I go off on one…like now. Sorry, sorry.

He only writes this, and does a shit on the front cover but I’m ignoring that. It’s the story of a war between two biblical nations one worships god the other worships Dagon and…Liefeld’s…religious upbringing shines through every word. I’m not saying Covenant is preachy but you can REALLY tell who the bad guys are. I’ll say this, the story isn’t actually bad. Bunch of soldier types plan to infiltrate Ashod, the Philistine city, to get the Ark back. The characters are all a bit one note but they play a decent tune. RL is a better writer than artist, which is a lot like saying projectile vomiting is better than explosive diarrhea.

Matt Horak’s art is very solid, and that isn’t another scatological reference. Decent storytelling, good design, facial expressions aplenty. The anatomy is a little wooden in places but at least it all looks like it belongs to a human being. I’m just hoping he isn’t corrupted by the writers artistic…qualities.

There’s also a recap page, it reads like bible verse but it’s there. Waddya’ know? RL did something better than Nick Spencer.

Surprisingly, ok. After saying that I need a lie down.

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