REVIEW: Crimson Society #1

Writer: Mike Hunau
Artist: Carlos Trigo
Colors: Andrea Celestini
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Jack Crimson, a man with an unwanted supernatural condition of turning into a werewolf, seeks help to get rid of his unfortunate transformations and start a new life. But dealing with shady “medical practitioners” doesn’t work in his favor, when they have their own plans.

Crimson Society is solid. The first issue neatly gives the reader a sense of what is what. It’s got world building that I can get my head around, and a story that isn’t preposterous. If you love supernatural things that go bump in the night, then this might be your new favorite comic book series! With this being a first issue, there’s a lot of potential yet to be tapped into: characters yet to discover, enemies to be revealed, threats to unfold, yada yada yada. My point is there’s a lot left to the imagination, and I really hope this story hits the ground running.

The art style is pretty cool. Very Western with clean, hard outlines and stark shading, reminding me of Chris Bachalo’s work. There are even some good panel layouts throughout the issue. I thoroughly enjoy when I’m not confused what I’m looking at in a comic.

Overall, the book is promising. Crimson Society has fallen for the same trap that a very large of first issue stories suffer from…it’s hard to get into. It’s not uncommon because it’s extremely difficult getting into a story that’s just introducing itself. The characters aren’t cemented, the story is just getting started, and the art is still finding it’s niche. It wasn’t horrible at all, but I can’t say I’m completely interested. I’m hoping they really grab their audience’s attention in their next issue.

Rating 3/5








By Tyrone Selby