REVIEW: Croak #2

Croak issue two picks up right where the last left off with our two remaining protagonists running from the Croak creatures. I was pretty impressed with the last issue and came into this eagerly awaiting more back story on the environment, monsters and characters. None of this truly seemed to come. Was I disappointed? The answer is: not really. I’ve come to understand that this series isn’t meant to go deep. It’s about what’s on the page right now. And what’s on the page at any given moment is using moving so fast that there isn’t time to think.

There isn’t much narrative here. As stated before it’s the here and now. And now is a scary time. The fear is built very well in art and dialogue. Showing the cast move and run from the haunting croak creatures so fast, that they leave each other behind, without many words. Very few “I’m sorry”s here.

The art is where what truly stands out. With images so rough and scratchy that even looking at them feels dangerous. The cast, creatures and environments all have a carved in wood’ type of feel. That evokes splinters and cuts, to the senses. This makes this short issue shine in the dark untold world.

This issue keeps the 100 mph pace from the last issue, and that is a great thing. So I’m strapped in and enjoying the ride. Read this issue, live in the hereand now with it. Be there as the mysterious croak creatures come for you and be afraid. It’s worth the short read, for the quick adrenaline rush alone. 4/5

STORY BY Cody Andrew Sousa
ART BY Chris O’Halloran and Francesco Iaquinta
Publisher: Alterna Comics

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