REVIEW: Crosswind #5

Cat Staggs and Gail Simone have really created something exceptional with Crosswind. Some comics have a special magic to them, and for me, this is one of them. In this fifth issue in the ongoing series, the fast-paced story provides non-stop action without sacrificing its sense of humor.

We find Cason (still trapped in the body of Juniper) helping his stepson learn to stand up for himself, while the other half of this soul switching duo is back in Chicago with a world of hurt coming down on him (her). His relationship with Mika has been exposed and his colleague Cruz is out for blood. In addition to all of the shenanigans fore mentioned, we finally find out the how and why behind the two souls being switched into the others body.

Illustrator Cat Staggs, has consistently provided horrifically beautiful art in this series. The ultra-violent environment that has been presented in each issue has been shown with an eerie sense of calm from the characters. It’s as if there is an insane world spinning out of control all around, and the characters are providing a respite from the deadly winds just outside of view.

Superstar writer Gail Simone has again provided a superb script. The story continues to take a concept we’ve seen before, body switching, and turns it into a wholly original story. The reasons for the switch, the reaction, and results are all amazing. The humanity behind it all, the fact that each of the people who were switched were completely missing a part of themselves which they must come to terms with while in the body of the other has been an intriguing development for both of the protagonists. The difficulties within the life of a housewife, and that of a professional killer are treated with equal respect. The hat of this Texan is fully tipped to Mrs. Simone for her thought-provoking and entertaining work.

The Crosswind comic has recently been picked up to be developed for a television series. It’s going to end up being your next favorite show. If you’ve not been reading the series yet, this is only the fifth issue. You’ve got time to quickly catch up and see what I’m talking about. There are few series I get overwhelmed with joy for, this is one of them.

Story: Gail Simone
Art / Cover / Variant Cover: Cat Staggs

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