REVIEW: Cyberforce: Artifacts #0

Three short stories comprise an issue that is simple and straightforward. There is little in the way of plot but a lot in the way of art. Both artists on this issue, Francesca Aureli and Jim Towe, really shine. Towe’s style is somewhat reminiscent of early Adam Hughes or old JLI artist Kevin Maguire. There is a softness to the edges of characters that brings to mind a cartoon hybrid style that we don’t see too often in the modern era. While every artist out there is trying to be the next dynamic Jim Lee it’s nice to see someone bring in their own unique look.

The same can be said for Aureli. The story featuring Velocity had a street punk style that landed somewhere between graffiti and new age anime. Each panel seems to blend together with a playful energy and design, an interesting style that leaves the reader wanting to see more.

Top Cow has built its reputation on the back of fantastic art and here are two more solid examples of the company’s sharp eye for talent. While I wish the same could be said for the writers, the content in this issue was fairly Vanilla. There were no real surprises in the narrative and the book read quickly; almost too quickly.

Final Thoughts: The simplistic approach to this issue isn’t worth the cover price. This would have made a perfect Free Comic Book Day offering. A quick and easy read that wets the whistle of fans that have been missing the cybernetic heroes.

Final Score: 2 ½ out of 5 Stars

Cyberforce: Artifacts #0
Story: Kelly Bender, Camilla Zhang, and Paul Penna
Art: Francesca Aureli and Jim Towe
Colors: K. Michael Russell and Chris Northrop
Letters: Troy Peteri
Pubisher: Top Cow

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