REVIEW: Cyborg #12

I’ve always enjoyed Cyborg as a character. He constantly fights with weather hes machine or man. It questions the ultimate question we all ask ourselves. Do we have a soul? Is there something bigger than ourselves out there? Are we programmed to just “be” or are we in control of our own destinies? Cyborg has always been a four-dimensional character to me. From the George Perez days, to the teen titan show in the early 2000’s. I’ve always enjoyed the internal struggle that Cyborg shares with the reader. It’s something we can all share and relate to.

We’ve got this week Danger in Detroit part three written by John Semper Jr. We find Cyborg returning to the real world from months of missing, floating through the boom tube vortex. I do enjoy how Semper Jr. writes Cyborg. How he’s always questioning things and discovering more about himself as well as the mother box that he shares his technical body with. Wondering if the mother box is actually a living organism, Cyborg is “boomed” to Detroit. After some quick detective work, Victor deduces that he’s here for a reason. Stumbling into a lecture hall a passionate professor is explaining his theory of singularity. Which is the coexistence of man and machine in the same being working together constantly upgrading and evolving. Basically describing Cyborg who uses his nanite camouflage to look like plain old Victor Stone to fit in.

After the lecture, Cyborg sees that his recent and impromptu sidekick Exxy is now a rapper! Vic finds the show after stealing signal codes from two girls cell phones so he can get the secret last-minute update address for the show. Did you know that Cyborg could do that?! Don’t get any ideas big brother! Anomaly who has been keeping tabs on Exxy in wait of Cyborg’s reappearance has like always a surprise in wait. Meanwhile, Exxy has a lit stage and quite the crowd. Cyborg in total disappointment and worry tries to corner and explain to Exxy why what he’s doing is a bad idea but Exxy is to caught up in the moment. He hits the stage singing and describing a fight between Cyborg and a robot monster with the help of a three-dimensional holographic movie playing behind him. The crowd is going crazy and even Cyborg is impressed.

It’s all fun and games until the real giant robot monster crashes the show and Cyborg puts his game face on and goes to work, but it’s not alone. After further experimentation on the rat lord, we have ta-da another robot monster hybrid. Which is a big theme of this line. We almost get one in every issue. Low and behold Cyborg defeats both robot monsters with a little hacking help and saves the day.

Now, I love Cyborg. I do enjoy this line, but I feel like I’ve been reading the same issue or at least the same story for the last 12 issues when it comes to enemy obstacles. The art team of Carlos D’Anda, Tony Kordos, Allan Jefferson makes the comic come alive. Every detail is crisp and the colors pop just right. Every angel is pleasing to the eye. I’m not complaining, but the Cyborg fan in me is waiting for a greatness story that has yet to be born. Semper Jr. is close. Do you remember the Teen Titans episode Cyborg the barbarian? That one was outside the box.

Don’t get me wrong you’ll still enjoy Cyborg in this Rebirth saga but I believe with Cyborg coming out in the DC movie universe we’re bound for some epic cybernetic Cyborg epicness around the corner pretty soon. Cyborg number 12 gets four out of five stars and there’s still plenty of life left in the engine. Stay tuned!

(W) John Semper Jr. (A) Will Conrad, Cliff Richards (CA) Allan Jefferson

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