REVIEW: Cyborg #13

BOO YAH!! More Cyborg! Issue 13 coming straight at you out of the cybernetic universe. With a couple of great covers and a beautiful title splash page, Cyborg #13 continues to look great while we get a look at Vic Stone while he’s not helping the Justice League. And I would say he’s got his hands quite full. Continual writer John Semper Jr. is really inventing this whole new world around Cyborg. We’re getting new villains and heros. Drawn wonderfully by Allan Jefferson (Nice Splash title page of Black Narcissus by the way) we are getting this fresh new lineup of robotic characters bit by bit. Which I like a lot. I believe Cyborg’s world needs to be built up more. We need more Cyborg. Especially with him making his silver screen debut later this year in the Justice League movie. I believe he could be one of the deepest characters of the DC universe because of his ever evolving humanoid cyborg tech.

Cyborg is still fending of attacks from Anomaly, who is posing as his Cyborg’s father at STAR labs. As Cyborg with the help of Sarah, who still works at STAR labs, tries to figure out a way to get back in and free his father. Another robotic/humanoid hero comes to his aid. The Black Narcissus! Who looks great in this issue. Her name is Donna Morris and she more than just a super hero. She also wants to fix the city of detroit but she’s fighting greedy corporations in the process. She’s the whole package. We also get introduced to a new villain mercenary named Fyrewyre. A slick look of black armor and red lights, Fyrewyre uses a quantum sword that distorts time and space. And he throws Cyborg and Black Narcissus around for a good chunk of these pages but it’s mostly Cyborg he’s throwing around. Plus the team up of Cyborg and Black Narcissus is great to see. I hope we see more of this in future issues. With the end of the issue, Cyborg is entering STAR labs but trouble is close at hand and perhaps in the coming issues we will see what Anomaly’s endgame is.

Cyborg 13 is a great pick this week simply because it’s always on a great track of action and story balance. For a guy who’s struggling to figure out if he’s still human and still has his soul, I would say that this book has plenty of it. Just watching him interact with the others that he’s close too, you can just tell this tin man has plenty of heart. I would be watching the next few issues of Cyborg because I think we are going to learn some interesting new things about him. Perhaps in the future we can see a Cyborg and the Robot Men Rebirth style. Ah an android can dream can’t he? Cyborg #13 get four out of five stars. Stay tuned readers!

(W) John Semper Jr. (A) Tony Kordos (A/CA) Allan Jefferson

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