REVIEW: Cyborg #18

This is the final chapter in the Singularity Aftermath storyline. Cyborg faces off against Aldous and Anomaly as the fate of Detroit hangs in the balance against the evil pair’s cybernetic army. All of this plus alternate dimensions, the exit of an ally, and birthday cake!

There is a lot of story here. To honest I didn’t really expect much from this series when it was first announced, but the creative team has taken the character of Cyborg and fleshed him out. (Really bad pun not intended) The concept of an alternate dimension that exists solely in A.I. is a unique idea that has real potential for future storylines. Semper has the chops to take this open sandbox and really cut loose with original ideas that involve other DC mainstays.

The art is dynamic and compelling. The designs of the cybernetic army are other-worldly, and given the rapid change in locations and environments within the narrative the art team did a great job in keeping the look and feel of the book uniform. There are hints of early Steve Epting in a few panels that I thought played better to the human drama at the end of the issue. It is odd though to see what might be considered a more classical comic art style on a book about a cyborg. You would expect slick and glossy art to match the subject, but what is on display here works just fine.

The end of the storyline seems like a bit of a cop-out to me. Instead of giving Cyborg a big heroic moment in his own book, the villain stops himself. It feels like a cheat on the writer’s behalf. Either editorial cut the story arc short, or there were some last-minute changes in the plot because the ending that they (the creators) went with feels rushed and sloppy. While there is a ton of story here the end of the fight falls flat.

I liked this issue. It has some problems but altogether it is a solid comic. I walked away surprised and interested in the direction that this book is going to take as the Justice League movie is now only days away and there will be a high interest from the general public in this character.

Final Thoughts: A middle of the road comic that is showing some potential. It will be challenge to get Cyborg and this title into the mainstream but the movie should help. Final Score: 3 out of 5 gears.

Story: John Semper Jr.
Art: Will Conrad, Cliff Richards
Colors: Ivan Nunes
Letters: Rob Leigh

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