REVIEW: Cyborg #3

I’ve never really got into Cyborg as a character, never been a big reader of the Titans, always felt he was shoehorned into the JLA, nothing against the character he’s just never sat in my wheel house long enough for me to get to know him. Despite some strengths this issue doesn’t really make me all that bothered to try.

It’s remarkably retro in its creation, lots of soliloquy fighting, weird plot holes that you have to ignore for the sake of the story (he can look human for short periods of time if he doesn’t exert himself which is fine, but he exerts himself) stuff that maybe should have come up by now, like he knows he’s got gaps in his memory but apparently he’s done nothing about it and so on. It feels a bit disjointed.

The art is fine, solid for the most part good technological design, good for the character if a little wooden looking in places.

This is not a bad comic, I even found myself getting into the story but it’s full of stumbling blocks that trip it up, like how the fuck do you pronounce “Kilg%r”? This sits firmly under the caveat, if you’ve always wanted a Cyborg comic, you could do a lot worse.

STORY BY John Semper Jr.
ART BY Will Conrad
COLORS BY Ivan Nunes

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