D4VE Vol 1
Story and Letters by Ryan Ferrier
Art and Colours by Valentin Ramon
Cover by Fiona Staples

Let’s judge this book by its cover…its very playful. D4VE sat atop several dead aliens. Colourful and fun and very in keeping with the tone of the story inside.

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… Welcome to 34RTH that’s robot type for EARTH. Man made robots. Robots got smart. Robots killed all humans. Robots also killed every other life form in the galaxy. Robots got bored. Robots are now like humans. That should have caught you up. So we meet D4VE, he used to be a protector of 34RTH until there was nothing left to protect it from. Now he works for 34RTH POW3R, the only company on the planet and is soooooo bored. His boss FR4NK is a jerk to him and has to make sure he knows he hates him. His wife 54LLY (you can see where the names are going already) ordered a new son, 5COTTY to save their marriage. It didn’t work. She’s now gone to stay with her sister TIN4 (yes I’m going to name them all. It’s funny) leaving 5COTTY with his dad when aliens land and take over the planet. They want to use the 34RTH’s core for their queen to lay her eggs. The president HILL4RY tells everyone to revolt and D4VE and 5COTTY jump into action to save the day. D4VE heads to his old protector pals for help, a lovely gay couple 3RIC and 4D4M who refuse to help leaving D4VE no choice but to go it alone. He uploads a his programming into the main servers and downloads it like a virus to everyone giving them the fighting spirit they need to fight back. It’s such a great book. I could go and on about this book. From 5COTTY constantly yanking it to holoporn to bots crying out Jobs and Gates in place of God and Jesus. It’s hilarious and charming. It’s brilliantly written. I cannot recommend this book enough.

That’s gonna leave a mark… There is a fair bit of violence here from D4VE tearing out an aliens spine and beating half a dozen other aliens to death with it to him putting his fist through aliens face and having his eyeballs dangle from his fingers.

You kiss your mother with that mouth… A lot of botty mouth going on (see what I did there?) it’s all funny however and never seems over used or put in just for the sake of it.

Bow Chick Wow Wow… Though there is not bot on bot action there is robot nudity at a 8008Y bar and 5COTTY does yank it more then once.

The good, the bad and the star rating…
The good – it’s all good. It’s funny and it’s playful. Its cleaver and it imaginative.
The bad – nope. Can’t think of a thing.
The stars – this one goes in my hall of fame as an easy 5 star comic. If you’re looking for something new please try this. If you just want a change from your normal read then give it a go.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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