REVIEW: D4veocracy #4

The 34rth stands on the brink of destruction. Seizing the presidency for himself, S4m has set all the robots connected to Dud3r to anarchy mode. The robot one-percenters are draining all the robots’ power to their reserves to make themselves richer. 5cotty and Br4d have broken up.

Only one robot can bring the world back from the brink. Unfortunately that is D4ve.

Is there somebody else we can call?

Ryan Ferrier (Sons of Anarchy, Rat Queens) and Valentin Ramon (Hot Damn) wrap up their third hilarious D4ve series, D4veocracy with an all-out fight between D4ve and S4m. D4ve keeps losing allies to the Duder apps that turn the few remaining allies D4ve has against him.

And D4ve needs all the help he can get to take on that mother grabbing fudge suckle, S4m, even if that help is his butthorn son, 5cotty.

In each of the series, D4ve has moved from a self absorbed jerk to a fully functional being. Now that he is a decent person he is drawn into the mud pit that is politics. In a way, the D4ve of the first series would have been fully up to the challenge of taking on S4m politically, because they were equally jerks. Now that D4ve has a conscience and robomorality, he finds himself outmatched when he tries to run on the issues while S4m is generating memes.

If you were disappointed in the results of the last elections, you should be reading these books. D4veocracy will make you laugh as Ferrier and Ramon send up off the usual political targets. But they have a deeper point they make in all of their jokes. We need to see beyond the memes and not wait for the perfect candidate when the choices are between a flawed one and a walking con job that leaves disaster in its wake.

What really makes this series great is how well Ramon lays in the jokes visually in the highly detailed panels that fill the book on top of the scripted jokes. Everything from dressing S4m as a knock off Hamilton to tamagotchi purse pooches of the ultra rich add detailed delights to this book.

This series has taken on everything from the vacuousness of internet culture to disengaged voters who are looking for entertainment as much as leadership.

I can only hope that the 4m3rich4n people end up with a president who can lead them out of this mess. It makes you look back in fondness at the President Roombo administration.

Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Valentin Ramon
Colors: Valentin Ramon
Publisher: IDW

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