REVIEW: Daredevil #14

I haven’t picked up an issue of DD in a while and boy did I pick the right spot to jump back in! Holy Crap! This is the conclusion to the five-part Dark Art storyline, and though I stepped in at the end I got treated to one hell of an issue.

Daredevil is tracking down his associate known as Blindspot who has been taken hostage by the villain known as Muse. The trail has led to the edge of the sewer, but instead of diving in headlong Matt Murdock uses a method of meditation that helps him zero in on the pairs location. This was a nice twist to DD’s radar senses, allowing Matt to stretch over a section of the city and zero in on his target.

Muse may have jumped to the front of my “Hope I never meet this character in a dark alleyway” list. He is a mix between Jackson Pollock and the killer from seven. Muse is a performance artist that prefers to work in the medium of human corpses and blood. This character is just twisted. He is unsettling. He is a perfect addition to a rogue’s gallery that is limited.

I have to mention that Ron Garney might be doing the best work of his storied career on this title. He has created a blend of art that harkens back to Frank Miller and John Romita; yet it is entirely his own. The tone of the art makes the madness in this issue pop even more. You can feel the darkness around you. The violence jumps off the page. This is a fact that cannot be more apparent than in a scene that permanently makes Blindspot physically closer to his nickname as Muse blinds the man.

This title is running on full cylinders and with more folks looking at DD for the first time thanks to the hit Netflix series, this is a great way to hook in new fans.

Final Score: 4 Stars

Daredevil #14
Story: Charles Soule
Art: Ron Garney
Colors: Matt Milla
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

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