REVIEW: Daredevil #598


The King of organized crime, Wilson Fisk, A.K.A. the Kingpin, is now the mayor of New York. Fisk has outlawed Super heroes and has put out a warrant for Daredevil’s arrest. He also asked Matt Murdock to become the deputy mayor. This is his attempt to keep Murdock out-of-the-way. The inhuman artist who works in blood, Muse,  has escaped from prison. Sam Chung, or Blindspot, joins Daredevil in an attempt to prevent Muse from killing again. It’s personal with Chung as he was a victim of Muse.

The Creative Team:

Charles Soule opens this issue with a news report on Muses newest mural, An upside down Spider-Man with his thumbs up, or down depending on how you view the mural. Then we see his honor peering through the windows of City Hall at one of the murals, Daredevil in a Nixon like pose declaring “I am not a crook.” The mystery factor is good in this issue as we don’t know how Muse is painting these murals undetected. I loved how conflicted that Matt Murdock is as he contemplates how to approach the Kingpin about Muse’s antics. Great stuff includes the Kingpin’s growing obsession with Muse and Matt’s wrestling with the idea of how to steer the mayor in the right direction.

Ron Garney once again churns out awesome stuff in his take on Daredevil and New York, the pencils only approach adds to his gritty depictions of both our hero and his world. This gives the story a much-needed noir feel to it.  Highlights include the murals themselves, especially the Spider-Man and Daredevil ones. Muses taking of a selfie with two pretty girls that happen to be passing by and of course the Daredevil splash is a great intro to the hero in this book. The gore factor heats up as New York’s finest try to stop the antagonist and here’s where the action picks up!

In Conclusion:

A gritty noir style thriller which every Daredevil comic should be. The Kingpin as mayor is a nice Touch of Evil as Daredevil’s chief antagonist got what he wanted, and legally too! It’s fun to watch Matt Murdock attempt to control his arch-nemesis from within his own round table and this team does a superb job of building the suspense as to where Muse will strike next as they try to track him down. It’s a great read and leaves the reader in anticipation for the next issue. **** (8.9 rating)

Writer – Charles Soule
Art – Ron Garney
Color – Matt Milla
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher – DC Comics


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