REVIEW: Daredevil/The Punisher: Seventh Circle – Chapter 2

When it comes to Marvel’s Infinite Comics there is one downfall. When you’re reading an action packed book like Daredevil-Punisher the adventure is over before it seems to have had a chance to start.
Motion comics are not new, but watching the leaps and bounds that Marvel has made, it’s not surprising that this offering is the closest thing you’ll get to full animation without having to pay a full studio to bring a cartoon to life. This is great stuff for fans of action movies.

The story is fairly simple. Daredevil is protecting a dirty mobster who has fallen in Frank Castle’s cross-hairs. You can make a good guess as to what happens next as the two heroes face off as they race down the highway. Hands down, my favorite moment was when Matt Murdock took a page out of Beverly Hills cop, Axel Foley’s playbook by using his billy club to clog the Punisher’s tailpipe. (That sounds a lot dirtier than I intended)

The art is great and moves along nicely with the story, but as I stated at the beginning it was a story that moved way too fast, but then again, when the plot revolves around two characters like Daredevil and Punisher…what do you expect. You get what you would want out of a comic like this, so I guess it’s mission accomplished for all parties involved.

Story – Charles Soule
Layouts – Reilly Brown
Pencils and Inks – Syzmon Kudranski
colors – Jim Charalampidis
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

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