Review: Dark Ark #2

Whilst the great flood lay siege to the land locked, two great arks would venture out across the tides, looking for safe harbour as God washed away the evil of the world.  Or at least, he thought he would, for upon the seas, in one of the great boats a cargo of monsters sought  to escape God’s wraith.  If only they can just get on with each other.

It seems that the “are we there yet” elements have taken their toll on at least one of the creatures.  As they lay dead, a mutiny of sorts begins to gain momentum and maybe not even the powers of the ship master, Shrae, can quell the uprising.

Creator and writer Cullen Bunn continues this trek across the sea, which at times feels as much an alternative biblical tale as much as an alternative Battlestar Galactica.  Bunn having taking the time to set up the parameters of his story in the first issue, looks to solidify the goings on whilst also throwing in little kernels of subplot and intrigue.  What is the deal with the unicorns?  What other deals is Shrae involved in that means he has put his ship in the firing line of the anger and ire of the demons of the Earth.  Accusations and threats set the scene for the beasts with the dialogue working well in letting the conflict progress all elements of the story along without the need for needless exposition.

Bunn’s writing style works in conjunction with Juan Doe’s art with Bunn realising that at least at first glance, the art is the main attraction.  The last couple of months have seen plenty of dark and destroyed worlds; yes I am looking at you DC!  Doe’s art here is fantastic with bold colors strong frameworks and enough horror touches to please any monster fan.  If anything, the timing of the book, with the aforementioned myriad of dark books out on the rack, doesn’t serve this issue well.  Still, Doe’s work is spectacular and deserves its recognition.

Dark Ark is a relatively simple tale, which will require all of Bunn’s skills to retain reader interest. The monsters and demons do offer an interesting confluence of intentions.  Some may seem honourable, saving the humans in the hold when their own kind left them to drown; others just want to eat them  I am sure that Bunn is up to the task, even if the threat teased at the end of book, may offer another conflict which hopefully will allow those subplots to come to fruition, with Doe’s art capturing the action in all its demonic glory.

Writing – 4 Stars

Art & Colors – 5 Stars

Written by; Cullen Bunn
Art & Colors by; Juan Doe
Published by; AfterShock Comics



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