REVIEW: Dark Horse Presents #18

Dark Horse Presents No. 18
Stories by Rich Woodall, Dennis Calero, Carla Speed McNeil,Shawn Aldridge , Barbara Randall Kesel , David Chelsea , Paul Levitz
Art by Dennis Calero, Carla Speed McNeil, David Chelsea,Craig Rousseau , Julius Gopez , Marc Olivent , Tim Hamilton
Publisher and Editor Mike Richardson
Published by Dark Horse Comics

I just checked out an issue of Dark Horse Presents also known as DHP. Congrats to them for winning the prestigious Harvey Award for 2015 for Best Anthology. It’s because of their rich stories that they won such an award. These aren’t your average super huge muscle men in tights wearing capes type of stories but more of off the main stream types of stories that will still temp your interest.

With stories like; Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl by Rich Woodall about a young girl living on an alien planet found and adopted by the natives when she was a baby now struggling to find out what happen to her real family, The Suit: Contract Negotiation by Dennis Calero about a guy who can survive the impossible because of his suit, Last Act by Shawn Aldridge the only time in this issue you will see a guy wearing any kind of super hero costume. The next two, Finder: Chase The Lady by Barbara Kesel and Sandy and Mandy by David Chelsea seem to be the real let downs in the whole issue. In Finder: Chase The Lady, the whole story seems to revolve around a young  lady who is attending a wedding possibly a lesbian wedding cause there are no men in any of the pictures and just two women dancing together happily. In Sandy and Mandy it’s just two women on their walk about town which get weirder and weirder each frame that you read. In Sundown Crossroads a lady does a webcast while watching a man outside her window. The last comic in the issue is Brooklyn Blood by Paul Levitz. It’s about two detectives investigating the scene of a murder and one of the detectives suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and has hallucinations.

I particularly enjoyed some of the artwork featured in this issue. In Kyraa: Alien Jungle Girl Artist Craig Rousseau made great use of his color palette to give Kyraa’s alien world its distinctive look. In The Suit Dennis Calero made excellent use of shadows, special effects and silhouettes giving the reader its focused appeal. Julius Gopez delivers a realistic style to his characters in The Last Act as well as Marc Olivent’s art does in Sundown Crossroads.

So why not check out Dark Horse Presents today? You may find out these stories are right down your ally and soon you’ll be asking yourself how you could live without Dark Horse Presents.

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