If you don’t know the creative team on this forget it you don’t need to.

Well it’s a couple of scabs short of leprosy. Without Azzarello’s influence this would make less sense than a fish playing the colour twelve. As it is there’s a good bit of epicness poking out from under a pile of fresh turds, it’s not worth digging for.

Miller’s writing has been tamed a little but it’s still trite and soulless. The art and story actually run perfectly together as they don’t really make a lot of sense. Characters appear in places they shouldn’t, no one should do a one-eighty camera if they don’t know what they’re doing and the anatomy almost makes sense.

It’s like watching a dog with a broken spine crossing a busy motorway, you know even if it makes it you’re going to have it shot. Part of me is just praying for a big eighteen wheeler going at ninety to just finish it off. Mid you it’s Miller, I’m astounded it got to issue #8. Rating: 0.1/5

(W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson (CA) Frank Miller

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