REVIEW: Dark Knight III – The Master Race #6

The Dark Knight Returns was a product of its time. A study of the pop culture world through the eyes of an immovable icon written by a master of the craft.

The second book proved Miller had lost it completely.

This, despite being only plotted by him is an utterly inane waste of paper, time and effort. While it’s better than TDKSB it feels like it’s trying to find a way to capture a past glory that was made special by the uniquely skewed perspective of TDKR. DK III is literally the same story but with so much effort to make it bigger it somehow feels so much smaller. The writing isn’t bad it’s just a rehashed plot with old dialogue sprinkled in.

The art is trying to ape Miller, I don’t know how much of a hand he had in the main plot but his work on the back up story is fucking hideous, seriously how big do you need to make a woman’s lips? Kubert should have done his own thing as the storytelling itself is good but everything else has the taint of homage gone wrong about it. There’s even a Trump n’ Hillary cameo, everyone’s favourite comedy duo.

This doesn’t add to a mythos or build on the foundations of its originator and it serves no other function than giving me inspiration for another video or column.

(W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Klaus Janson (A/CA) Andy Kubert

0 Stars

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