REVIEW: Dark Moon #1

Created by Freematik
Art by Benedick Bana
Music by Freematik

Dark Moon #1 is an interesting book, firstly in the medium of choice as creator Freematik has chosen to publish this via Madefire’s motion books app. Now some of you may balk at the idea of motion comics, but what Madefire has accomplished is a great piece of software and a new way to move the comic medium forward – something which Dark Moon #1 takes full advantage of.

The story is simple. We follow a group of survivors from a cataclysmic disaster on Earth who basically teleport themselves to the Dark Moon, a world they feel could have habitable potential. What they find is a desolate, rocky world with a thin atmosphere that shows little hope of offering them a new life. Through their exploration, they come face to face with the inhabitants of the moon, who begin picking them off one by one then leading to an all out assault on our heroes. As they’re escaping, they come upon a mysterious door which they enter in order to save themselves from the attack. Unaware of what this place is or where they will go next, we leave our heroes in the room pondering their next move. 2015-02-18 12-10-23If you’re a fan of space horror, this book is terrific! The dialogue may not be the most polished, but the plot is gripping, and the choosing Madefire as the publishing format definitely goes a long way to making this an exciting book. The music, also composed by Freematik sets the atmosphere perfectly using haunting and eerie sounds that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The art by Benedick Bana is equally dark and moody and looks beautiful in a loose painted style. As great as Dark Moon #1 looks, I felt that some of the panels lacked a bit in the creativity department, as much of the book simply involves this group of survivors just walking across this unexplored world. The color choices are spot on though, with much of the book relying on blacks and greys to set the tone. This is a story set in space after all so that works perfectly. The only other colors used are the reds which make up the moon creatures, and the blues of the secret door the survivors find, possibly implying some kind of hope for their future.

Overall, Dark Moon #1 is an enjoyable story with a look and feel reminiscent of video games such as Dead Space, or movies like Event Horizon. The story is gripping in large part due to the visuals and music. I definitely look forward to seeing where the story goes next!

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