REVIEW: Darth Vader #25

Every line of new mythology added to ole’ bucket head only makes it less likely he would be allowed back as a force ghost.

He’s an irredeemable twat. He’s not “cool” he’s a malicious, evil bastard. Yet they managed to get a 25 issue run out of him getting over letting the Emperor’s big Christmas bauble get blown up by a farm boy who wasn’t even trying.

Getting past the 11 pissing alternate covers we get a strong tie up, a bit of a fast pace but it never stumbles. There’s not one likable character in the cast but that’s rather the point when you’re telling the story of Nazis in Space. The dialogue is a bit dry, but in the same way gin or wine can be described as “dry” you’re still going to love it if it’s your thing.

The art is good if a bit restricted by the existing designs because when Larroca gets to leave bucket heads and geometrically awkward space ships behind he’s at his best. Despite the storytelling being excellent though Darth rarely looks good in action. He gets there in a few panels but more than once Darth looks more like his killing people by accident with his lightsaber. It’s a very good rendering of a lightsaber though.

Like I said good if you like following the rise of science fiction’s version of Goering.

Written by Kieron Gillen, art by Salvador Larroca, published by Marvel

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