DC Comics Bombshells Men Who Would Be Kings part 1 of 3

Written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Marguerite Sauvage published by DC Comics

I read Bombshells before, this is so much better. It’s always nice when you realize it might have been a duff issue. Set in the 36′ Olympics, Vixen does things that might be considered a spoiler by most, but she does them well. There’s a strong internal narrative running parallel to the action, maybe a bit repetitive with the script at first but it soon gets over that and gets on with unrolling an intriguing plot.

I love the way the artist shows Vixen’s powers, you see a yellow version of the animal she’s accessing the abilities of around her. There’s no gratuity which after reading two comics with Harley Quin is a blessed relief. Being a digital comic the colouring seems to take the back light of tablets and phones into account again, this seems to be an evolution in the medium.

As an aside, with an uber minor spoiler alert, Hitler chose not to shake ANYONES hand after being told he couldn’t just shake the hands of the German. He DID though, acknowledge with a brief congratulations, Jesse Owen’s gold winning sprint, which is far more than Miister Owen’s own country and president did!

Apologies to Godwin.

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